iQSTEL, Inc. Becomes A Leader In Telecommunications Industry With Innovation In SMS, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G

iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) is now a leader in the fast-growing telecommunications industry because it brings innovative new services to top tier providers, offers groundbreaking new products driven [...]

As iQSTEL, Inc. Grows, All Its Operating Subsidiaries Generate Positive Net Income For Fast Expanding Parent Telecommunications Company

iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) is a unique telecommunications company because its diverse network of operating subsidiaries each contribute a positive net income to the parent. For Q2 2020, the four [...]

Sun Kissed Industries, Inc.’s Numuni Subsidiary’s Partnership With NiceHash Seen As “A Perfect Match” By Robert Reynolds, Numuni CEO

Sun Kissed Industries, Inc.’s (OTC: SKDI) Numuni Inc. subsidiary, announces today (July 29, 2020), a partnership with H-BIT, d.o.o., owner of or NiceHash. Numuni is a media [...]

High Margin SMS Operations Generate 65% And Prepaid Revenue Drives 60% Of iQSTEL, Inc.’s. Q2 Revenues For 2020

iQSTEL, Inc.’s (OTC: IQST) sales for Q2 2020 not only spiked more than $11 million, a majority of the volume was rich with prepaid or SMS operations. Some 65% of the revenues were generated by [...]

After Reporting Red Hot Sales For The First Half Of 2020, iQSTEL, Inc. Is Primed For Q3 And Q4 2020 Revenue To Be “Very Exciting” Says Mr. Iglesias, CEO

For iQSTEL (OTC: IQST), the second half of 2020 may offer more good news. The fast-growing global telecommunications company reported projection-shattering revenues for Q2 2020 of greater than [...]

iQSTEL, Inc.’s Q2 2020 Sales Reach Peak Of $11+ Million, Shattering Earlier Projections; June Revenues Spike 190% Versus Prior Year

iQSTEL (OTC: IQST), a fast-growing global telecommunications company, reported projection-shattering revenues for Q2 2020 of greater than $11 million compared to projections of some $9 million. [...]

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