5G Pushes Telecom Market back into the limelight


The world has seen distances shrink as the telecommunications industry continues to bring us closer together. While 4G brought the bandwidth needed to have video chats, ‘live’ stream and decent mobile internet speeds, 5G is revolutionizing the industry with its massive bandwidth and near undetectable latency.

The obvious benefit is phones loading your news feed faster. But that is like driving a Ferrari to the end of your driveway to pickup the mail, it gets the job done, but does not showcase the cars features. 5G pushes telecom market to heights that were only science fiction even just a few years ago: remote real time surgery with true tactile feedback, precise drone control thousands of miles away, cars that not only drive themselves but communicate with other cars and sensors on buildings and so much more. One company taking the 5G stage is iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) with their submarine fiber optic network that connects a large part of the Caribbean and continued growth by acquisition and service expansion.

Tickers: iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST), Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ), AT&T (NYSE: T), Vodafone Group Plc (NASDAQ: VOD), China Mobile Limited (NYSE: CHL)

New York, NY, January 22, 2020 – Stock Market Press is a leading financial news company that delivers up to date news. Recap of eruptive news this week includes iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST)’s record breaking $16M+ 2019 revenues along with Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ), AT&T (NYSE: T), Vodafone Group Plc (NASDAQ: VOD), China Mobile Limited (NYSE: CHL).

While some don’t consider telecommunications a sexy market, especially in the OTC, iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) stands out as a company preparing to make waves in the industry. Additionally, management is planning for a move up to OTCQB/QX.

Etelix, a wholly owned subsidiary, is interconnected to the most important players in the industry, among which it is worth mentioning the following: Verizon, KDDI, PCCW, Hutchinson, Flow Jamaica (Cable and Wireless Caribbean), Cable and Wireless Panama, Millicom (TIGO), Telefonica de España (Movistar), Telecom Italia (TIM), Portugal Telecom (MEU), Optimus (NOS), Belgacom (BICS), Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone India, Airtel, Reliance, Viettel, TATA Communications, iBasis, Orbitel, Entel, China Telecom, among many others. – http://www.iqstel.com/

With their just announced 2019 record breaking revenues of $16.3M, debt restructuring, Blockchain development and 5G service support, iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) has set the stage for a huge 2020. Taken from their recent PR:

Projects FY-2020:

As we have done in 2019, in 2020 we plan to launch new services, such as SMS Applications to Person (A2P), which are expected to provide another revenue stream, which we believe will complement and provide further synergies with our current operative companies, Etelix and SwissLink.

Additionally, as we previously disclosed, we are looking at getting involved in the development of Blockchain Technology for Telecommunications, and we have been involved in some preliminary discussions with some businesses in this space.

Lastly, we are also are looking at opportunities that will allow us to offer telecommunications products and services to end-users such as cloud-based IP-PBX services, and we have been involved in some preliminary discussions with some businesses in this space as well.

Another telecom on the rise, Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ), recently announced plans to deploy 5G transportation solutions in Lake Nona. Shares closed at $60.32 yesterday, just above Friday’s close.

Norway’s biggest bank steps in and buys shares of AT&T (NYSE: T) last week. Closing green yesterday, shares of AT&T are looking to break the $40 mark.

Vodafone Group Plc (NASDAQ: VOD) sets sights on Australian 5G network by teaming up with Nokie. Shares closed Tuesday up slightly at $20.16.

China Mobile Limited (NYSE: CHL) started rolling out 5G services to its almost 1 Billion mobile customers. This is helping drive the recent uptrend which has seen the price move from $37 to almost $44 as of yesterday’s close.

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