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Many sectors go through consolidation after a bullish market. Solar and Cannabis (Hemp primarily) are both in the middle of major market consolidation as players jostle around to position themselves ahead of the next bull run. Solar Integrated Roofing Corp (OTC PINK:SIRC) is one such company in the solar market, targeting $20m+ in revenues based on 3 acquisitions. As detailed in a recent press release: 

SIRC Provides Mid-Year Corporate Update 

Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (OTC PINK:SIRC) (the “Company”) is pleased to take this opportunity to provide a mid-year corporate update. 

The Company is currently forming a new subsidiary. The Company has put together a very experienced staff and has picked up some pieces from a large marketing company. The Company already has established clients. These clients are already some of the largest in the Solar space. They can handle all the leads we can produce. The Company anticipates approximately $1 million a month in revenue with a 53% cost of sale. As SIRC closes current acquisitions and we expand our marketing into Roofing, Home Improvement, and Solar with sister companies, both revenue streams will grow at a very impressive rate. 

Commenting on the Company’s efforts, (OTC PINK:SIRC) President & CEO David Massey stated “The Company has been diligently building the business and enhancing its merger and acquisition (M & A) strategy. This Summer has proven to be very good in terms of sales, the Company’s operational strategy, and M & A efforts. We are closing three acquisitions over the next 60 days. Both sides are anxious and ready to move forward. The combined revenue for the three deals is close to $20 million this calendar year. I wish to emphasize that these companies are well managed, well-staffed, and very established profitable companies. As we include them in with our new marketing company and existing business, we will all work together as a home improvement marketing firm with more qualified potential clients. Our growth rate will be very impressive. Shareholders should be encouraged with our progress now and going forward into the Fall. We’re in a very good place”. 


Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (OTC PINK:SIRC) is an integrated solar and roofing installation company specializing in commercial and residential properties with a focus on acquisitions of like companies to build a footprint nationally. For more information, please visit: 

The rooftop solar market received a massive ‘green light’ earlier this year with California passing regulations requiring, as of Jan 1 2020, all new construction include rooftop solar solutions. To this end, (OTC PINK:SIRC) has further satisfied their acquisition hunger with the addition of a 4th company as detailed in this press release, adding another $3m+ to their yearly revenue. 

Other industry giants continue to push into residential and commercial markets with Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) expanding their turnkey solar systems across the country. Power storage systems have made huge advances in recent years and (NASDAQ:TSLA) is right at the forefront. Read about their energy storage systems here. 

Another industry giant, known more for their iPod and iPhone products, (NASDAQ:AAPL) has the largest solar energy capacity in the United States as detailed in a report by Solar Energy Industries Association. The next wave in solar is upon us. The time to invest in companies like (OTC PINK:SIRC), (NASDAQ:TSLA) and (NASDAQ:AAPL) is at hand. 

So where does Cannabis fit in? All this talk about solar growth is not only seeing the light of day because of California regulations and advances in solar PV efficiency but because the Cannabis industry has caused a massive surge in energy usage. Areas that were poorly serviced by the electric companies have suddenly found themselves to be in the ‘mecca’ of cannabis cultivation and processing. Canada, in particular, has seen significant growth in greenhouses across large areas where the average yearly sunlight surpasses 2,500 hours. Aurora Cannabis, Inc. (TSX: ACB) (NYSE:ACB) is one such company taking advantage of the city of Medicine Hat’s status as the ‘sunniest city in Canada’. Companies across North America are pushing the electric grid to its max, needing ‘something’ to step in and help offset this increase, solar is just the ticket in many areas. Massive greenhouses covering thousands to millions of square feet provide the perfect landscape for rooftop solar.  

Acquisitions cover the landscape in both industries, as detailed above for solar with (OTC PINK:SIRC), (NASDAQ:AAPL) and on the cannabis front with (OTCQB:SGMD), (NYSE:SMG) and (NASDAQ:HEXO). Sugarmade, Inc. (OTCQB:SGMD) just announced their investment in Hempistry and completion of BZRTH audit, an acquisition pushing their revenues to over $30M per year. Hawthorne Gardening, a subsidiary of (NYSE:SMG), recently completed a $450M acquisition to further enhance their hydroponics business. 

Sugarmade Announces Initial Investment in Hempistry and Completion of BZRTH Audit 

Sugarmade, Inc. (OTCQB:SGMD), a major supplier to the growing hydroponic cultivation and hemp sectors, today provides an update to its investors relative to two important topics – Status of its investments in Kentucky-based hemp cultivator, Hempistry, Inc. and on the status of its pending acquisition of hydronic cultivation supplier, BZRTH, Inc. (“BZRTH”). 

HEXO Corp. announces acquisition of Securities of Newstrike Brands Ltd. 

HEXO Corp (“HEXO” or the “Company”) (TSX:HEXO) (NYSE:HEXO) and Newstrike Brands Ltd. (“Newstrike”) announced that they completed the previously announced arrangement (the “Arrangement”), pursuant to which HEXO acquired all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Newstrike (the “Newstrike Shares”) by way of a plan of arrangement under the Business Corporations Act (Ontario). 

Following the Arrangement, (NYSE:HEXO) has ownership or control over 558,971,064 common shares in the capital of Newstrike representing 100% of the total issued and outstanding share capital of Newstrike. 

It is unusual to have 2 major markets running in sync with each other ahead of a major bull run for both industries. 2019 is the ‘major adjustments year’ for cannabis growers and processors as the supply and demand balance has seen roller-coaster type swings. While solar has seen a more stable uptrend, the advent of California regulations, huge boost to (OTC PINK:SIRC), and cannabis industry getting past some ‘growing pains’, is putting solar in the sights of a major 2020 bull run as well. This is a double header game that your portfolio doesn’t want to miss. 

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