Blockchain Is The Technology Behind Cryptocurrency, And For iQSTEL, Inc. Blockchain Is A Key To Future Growth And New Services For 5G Telecommunications


Blockchain technology is the technology behind cryptocurrency, and iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) has successfully used blockchain to develop new services for the 4G and 5G telecommunications industry. 5G and cryptocurrency mining together are driven to new speeds by blockchain technology and IoT. The result will be with 5G networks-completed 100 times faster cryptocurrency transactions, more clarity for digital currency users and unprecedented speed in downloading an entire blockchain. To iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST), blockchain is one of the keys to future growth.

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Blockchain Is The Technology Behind Cryptocurrency, And For iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) Blockchain Is A Key To Future Growth And New Services For 5G Telecommunications

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies — offering all parties a distributed ledger documented view of all obligation transactions. To 4G and 5G telecommunications, blockchain is the key to the growth of player iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) as it develops and acquires new and innovative services. Blockchain Is The Technology Behind Cryptocurrency, And For iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) Blockchain Is A Key To Future Growth And New Services For 5G Telecommunications.

5G Network Race Is On As Major Providers Compete

As mega providers race to complete 5G networks and win market share, iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) continues to develop blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) driven innovative and disruptive services and products. Blockchain Is The Technology Behind Cryptocurrency, And For iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) Blockchain Is A Key To Future Growth And New Services For 5G Telecommunications.

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: iQST) Is In The Middle Of 5G And Blockchain Growth

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: iQST) is in the middle of 5G applications. iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: iQST) is transforming the global telecommunications industry by bringing 21st Century blockchain products that disrupt the telecom market by applying the newest, most sophisticated technology. These include mobile portability and international payments/settlements products that address the issues of speed, fraud and real time transactions. iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) is bringing new blockchain products to this market.

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) is creating a larger global physical footprint — from China and Latin America, to Europe and Asia — while at the same time offering one-stop-shop services including fiber optics, 4G and 5G, VoIP, and global interconnectivity. Blockchain Is The Technology Behind Cryptocurrency, And For iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) Blockchain Is A Key To Future Growth And New Services For 5G Telecommunications.

Leandro Iglesias, CEO of iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) Praises Two New Blockchain Products

iQSTEL Inc.’s (OTC: IQST) already has developed its first two blockchain products: mobile portability and speedier payments/settlements. Leandro Iglesias, CEO of iQSTEL Inc.’s (OTC: IQST), said that the Company’s 75%-owned subsidiary blockchain solutions provider itsBchain LLC today has developed two key products to the global telecommunications market. The first one is a platform enabling a quick mobile number portability app (MNPA) for consumers who wish to change networks while keeping the same number. In three clicks, the change is quickly and securely made. Second is an industry-disrupting secure and fast international payments/settlements solutions software platform that quickly makes real time transactions online that reduce cost and simplify commercial transactions. Both are projected as industry-leading, long term revenue stream providers for the Company.

iQSTEL’s (OTC: IQST) Mobile Number Portability App (MNPA) Is Well Positioned For 5G

iQSTEL’s (OTC: IQST) itsBchain LLC subsidiary’s Mobile Number Portability App (MNPA) is well positioned for the push this year by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) into 5G iPhones and 5G Networks. The blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) driven MNPA enables mobile phone users to quickly and securely make a porting change to a new provider while keeping the same number.

Companies such as American Express (NYSE: AXP), Visa (NYSE: V), Discover (NYSE: DFS), MasterCard (NYSE: MA) and other financial institutions are increasingly relying on blockchain for their global payment processing — seeking the benefits of distributed ledger record-keeping and transparency in large cross-border transactions. As blockchain disrupts FinTech and international banking, iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) and itsBchain LLC subsidiary have developed blockchain-driven software for fund processing with other advantages: a shortened receivables timeframe and fraud mitigation, even after a transaction is completed.

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) has also acquired a new blockchain product in the ‘IoT Smart Gas’ Platform and Application from IoT Labs MX. This is a revolutionary device driven by blockchain technology which iQSTEL Inc.(OTC: IQST) has expanded to remote manage numerous liquids — not just LP gas — to include milk, beer, and other materials. The Company plans to market this blockchain-driven device throughout Latin America and in the future Europe.

iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) Expands Network Of Subsidiaries


The parent company owns a 75% stake in blockchain subsidiary itsBchain LLC. iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) wholly owns Miami-based subsidiary, USA, LLC, an American-based 5G provider of Submarine Fiber Optic Network capacity for internet (4G and 5G). It owns 51% of SwissLink Carrier AG. SwissLink Carrier AG provides international VoIP connectivity worldwide and more. It owns 51% of Global SMS LLC, a U.S.-based company which has international interconnection with Tier 1 SMS aggregators to more than 100 countries worldwide. It has acquired 51% of an Austin, Texas-based SMS U.S.-Mexico Service provider.

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