GD Entertainment and Technology’s Anil Idnani, CEO, Says He Remains Focused On The High Growth CBD And Prepaid Gift Card Industries

In a Stock Market Podcast interview, GD Entertainment and Technology’s (OTC: GDET) Anil Idnani, CEO, says he remains focused on the ‘high growth’ CBD and prepaid gift card industries while [...]

Self-Use, Millennials And Gen Z Consumers Will Drive Prepaid Gift Cards To 9.2% CAGR Growth From 2020-2024; GD Entertainment and Technology Sets Relaunch Of Reimagined Prepaid ‘Dream Card’

A new study by ResearchAndMarkets projects that self-use, millennials and Gen Z consumers will be key factors in the 9.2% CAGR growth of the prepaid gift cards industry from 2020-2024. Younger [...]

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