GD Entertainment and Technology’s Anil Idnani, CEO, Will Review The Company’s 2020 Outlook During Stock Market Podcast Interview

GD Entertainment and Technology’s (OTC: GDET) Anil Idnani, CEO, will discuss the company’s 2020 outlook when he is interviewed by Stock Market Podcast. He will focus on GDET’s new customizable, [...]

5G And Cryptocurrency Mining Will Be Driven By Blockchain, IoT And Be Quicker As Telecom-munications In 5G Attract 50+ Billion Devices

5G and cryptocurrency mining together will be driven to new speeds by blockchain technology and IoT. It will make transactions quicker as 5G telecommunications is seen attracting 50+ billion [...]

GD Entertainment and Technology Re-imagines Its ‘Dream Card,’ Ready To Debut New Gift Cards In $25 And $50 Denominations, Targets Specialty Occasions

GD Entertainment and Technology (OTC: GDET) is re-imagining its unique ‘Dream Card’ and planning to introduce $25 and $50 denomination gift cards, and targeting special events such as Mother’s [...]

iQSTEL Inc. Brings Blockchain Innovation To A 21st Century Global Telecommunications In-dustry

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) is transforming the global telecommunications industry by bringing new 21st Century blockchain products that disrupt the telecom market by applying the newest, most [...]

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