GD Entertainment and Technology’s Anil Idnani, CEO, Will Review The Company’s 2020 Outlook During Stock Market Podcast Interview

GD Entertainment and Technology’s (OTC: GDET) Anil Idnani, CEO, will discuss the company’s 2020 outlook when he is interviewed by Stock Market Podcast. He will focus on GDET’s new customizable, [...]

GD Entertainment and Technology Re-imagines Its ‘Dream Card,’ Ready To Debut New Gift Cards In $25 And $50 Denominations, Targets Specialty Occasions

GD Entertainment and Technology (OTC: GDET) is re-imagining its unique ‘Dream Card’ and planning to introduce $25 and $50 denomination gift cards, and targeting special events such as Mother’s [...]

The World’s Largest Financial Institutions Compete In Prepaid Card Market, But GD Entertainment and Technology’s New ‘Dream Card’ Offers High End Personalized, Metal Card

Some of the world’s largest financial institutions — from American Express NYSE: AXP) to Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) — compete in the soaring $5.5 Billion prepaid card market, but GD [...]