iQSTEL, Inc. Signs $25 Million Investment Banking Agreement To Assist In Sourcing Capital For 5G Investments

iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) has signed a $25 million agreement with a New York-based investment banking firm to assist in sourcing capital for 5G infrastructure acquisitions and investments, iQSTEL, [...]

The Fiber Optic Cable Market Is Projected To Reach $11.67 Billion Globally By 2025, With A CAGR Rate Of 11.18% From 2013-2025

The fiber optic cable market — reflecting the driving impact of 5G — is projected in the “Fiber Optic Cable Market 2020 Global Industry” report to reach a volume of $11.67 billion by 2025, driven [...]

Fiber Optics M&A Activity Intensifies As FirstLight To Acquire By Definitive Agreement PrimeLink

Fiber optics providers jockeying for market dominance continues as merger & acquisition activity intensifies, with the most recent example being the acquisition by definitive agreement by [...]

5G Cellphone Mega Providers Are Hit With $200 Million Fines From FCC For Compromising Privacy

The largest 5G cellphone mega providers have been slapped with $200 million in fines from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for mishandling sensitive private data of users, specifically [...]

5G Rollout In China May Be Impacted By The Coronavirus And Slowdowns In Manufacturing, Production

Chinese 5G global powerhouse Huawei Technologies Co. may be slowed in its ability to produce hardware and software for the new fifth generation telecommunications technology as it races to become [...]

5G Technology Will Have Global Impact In Multiple Industries, From SmartPhones To Internet (IoT) And Televisions

5G’s new technology will impact global telecommunications with quicker bandwidth, innovations like driverless vehicles, appliances that can communicate with one another and internet (IoT). [...]