CBD Legalization 2020 Creates Investment Opportunity


CBD is becoming legalized in more states in 2020 and that its creating a CBD legaliza-tion investment opportunity for the financial community. CBD is protected in the 33 U. S. states that permit medical marijuana and in 16 other states CBD is permitted although medical marijuana is not permitted. Essentially, most U.S. states permit CBD in some measure.

CBD Legalization Investment

CBD isolates are available almost everywhere online, and that’s where some 70% of CBD is purchased. It is available selectively in brick-and-mortar stores and medical dis-pensaries in some states. But more transactions are done in America online, where CBD is available.

As legalization of CBD becomes more prevalent in 2020, CBD legalization investment is more pronounced and inclusion of CBD stocks should be in more investment portfolios. Canada nationally has legalized CBD under strict regulations and licensing. Companies must apply for approval to harvest, process, market and sell product — but it is legal throughout the Canadian provinces.

Legalization Creates Opportunity

A CBD goes more mainstream in 2020, this industry has more publicly listed stocks at-tracting attention and dollars from Wall Street investors and investment funds. Online is a simple and discreet way of buying CBD. Consumers can easily shop for it from home — as they buy a greater percentage of their other goods through the internet. In doing so, they gain more confidence in making digital purchases online.

CBD legalization investment in the U.S. is an important trend as CBD is legal is a grow-ing number of foreign countries. The result is that more CBD companies are expanding to international markets and foreign stock exchanges. A recent article in stockmarketpress.com reflects coverage of stocks such as CBD Unlimited, Inc. (OTC PINK: EDXC)), Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE:ACB) (TSX: ACB), Supreme Cannabis Co. (OTC: SPRWF), The Green Organic Dutchman (TSX: TGOD) (OTCQX: TGODF), OrganiGram Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: OGI), Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC).

CBD Higher Profile

Legalization has given CBD companies and retailers/dispensaries a higher profile in 2020 and legitimacy globally. In the U.S., state-by-state legalization of CBD has resulted in more capital being raised by corporations and retailers in the industry. CBD legalization investment is the logical outgrowth of the trend, meaning more individual and institutional investors can participate in the high growth CBD industry.

Despite all the elements against its success, ranging from a lack of conventional bank-ing to some states holding back on legalization, the CBD industry has succeeded in becoming higher profile and legitimate. Consumers see CBD product online, at retail in mass market and pharmacies, and even in convenience stores next to their everyday coffee and other drinks.

CBD Industry Is Young

CBD legalization investment should be a priority for stock participants. The CBD indus-try in 2020 is young, aggressive, creative and has proved itself capable of finding solu-tions to any roadblocks it has faced. Legalization of CBD was part of the growth pro-cess. Next this industry will mature, consolidate and its brands will enter more classifications of consumer products.