ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) Breaks The Mold Of Slow Growth Companies With Massive 557% Revenue Increase and 44% Net Profit Increase; Preparing 2 Subsidiary National Exchange Uplistings For 2023 Followed By Their Own Uplist


ILUS International Inc’s (OTC: ILUS) has changed the stereotypical corporate development in the OTC by not only building a strong holding company structure, but executing on the whole ‘holding company’ reason: to incubate, spin out and uplist subsidiaries. Too many holding companies get stuck on the holding part and never progress through the stages shareholders want to see. features specialized coverage of related stocks in the Electric Vehicles (EVs), First Responder equipment, IED detection, Renewables, along with Oil & Gas and Utilities such as: ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS), Tesla, Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA), Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), Gibraltar Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROCK), Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), Spartan Acquisition Corp. II (NYSE: SPRQ), General Motors Company (NYSE: GM), ChargePoint (NYSE: CHPT), Exxon Mobile Corporation (NYSE: XOM), Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ: RIVN), Aris Water Solutions (NYSE: ARIS)

From defense technologies, electric vehicles, oil & gas utilities/servicing and public safety sector to renewables, ILUS International Inc’s (OTC: ILUS) is not your normal holding company. They already have their 1st subsidiary set to uplist from the OTC to NYSE, Quality Industrial Corp (OTC: QIND), and have announced plans for a second subsidiary to uplist to a national exchange with a 2023 target. Additionally, they themselves have plans to uplist and get off the OTC market.

While companies like Tesla, Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Exxon Mobile Corporation (NYSE: XOM) continue to innovate, the returns on investment are lower and longer term that a company like ILUS International Inc’s (OTC: ILUS) that anticipates a continued growth similar to Q1, throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond.

CEO of ILUS, Nicolas Link added, “We have once again demonstrated our ability to deliver strong results in a challenging environment. We remain focused on optimizing and improving key areas within our businesses and delivering key milestones such as the uplisting of our Industrial subsidiary to a National Stock Exchange within the coming months, before continuing onwards to exceed our annual forecasts.” – May 23, 2023 PR

Some people seek stability in the market through well established companies, which is fine, for part of a portfolio, but including companies like ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) can bring some much needed excitement with spin-off dividends and more.

Check out Ilus-Group for the full list of subsidiary and invested company list

The ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) NYSE floor interview date is set for June 15th, 2023. The interview will be released to the public on June 26th, 2023.

Source: Stock Market Press

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