Slowdown In Huawei Sales In Q1 Creates An Opportunity For Other 5G Telecommunications Companies, SmartPhone Marketers


Telecomm equipment supplier, 5G network provider and SmartPhone marketer Huawei reported only a 1.4% increase in Q1 sales to $25.8 billion — compared to a 39% sales jump in Q1 last year — after being squeezed by the U.S. Commerce Department, barring it from selling to the U.S. America has also lobbied its allies, such as U.K., Canada and Australia, not to buy from Huawei for security reasons. The result is creation of an opportunity for other telecommunications companies and SmartPhone manufacturers.

5G is in the news daily. Media companies such as Stock Market Press are reporting on the fast growing blockchain and 5G telecommunications market. It keeps readers up to date on 5G company stocks such as iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST), Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), China Mobile Limited (NYSE: CHL),Verizon (NYSE: VZ), AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), T-Mobile US (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. ( (OTC: HVBTF) and Long Blockchain Corp. (OTC: LBCC)  in 5G and blockchain networks. Also covered are trends by semiconductor manufacturers Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM), Qorvo (NASDAQ: QRVO) and Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ: SWKS), among others.

Slowdown In Huawei Sales In Q1 Creates An Opportunity For Other 5G Telecommunications Companies, SmartPhone Marketers

The Q1 sales slowdown at Huawei reflects the tensions between Western countries (such as the U.S. and U.K.) and China. Huawei has been placed on the U.S. Commerce Department’s ‘entity list.’ The 1Q sales slowdown also reflected the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus on manufacturing and installing telecom equipment for network building and end-user SmartPhone sales. The company is officially a private firm. It is China’s top SmartPhone vendor — the second biggest SmartPhone vendor globally — and it is also the largest supplier of telecom equipment in the world. Slowdown In Huawei Sales In Q1 Creates An Opportunity For Other 5G Telecommunications Companies, SmartPhone Marketers.

As the U.S. is making a priority of infrastructure building and creation of a 5G network that is secure, other vendors and marketers see the creation of a non-China global opportunity. The lockdown from COVID-19 in the U.S. has accelerated awareness of computer internet services such as online schooling, telemedicine and sites such as Facebook, Zoom, Snap, and others. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that a faster internet is vital to America’s future. 5G specialists, such as iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST), with American-based subsidiaries, are in a prime position to be involved with the building of the country’s new telecommunications infrastructure.

Legislators are asking for more broadband, particularly in rural areas, and quick 5G will be a part of that new network. U.S. legislators from both parties are proponents of major broadband legislation and the building of a faster-speed network across the country. That’s great news for 5G installers and maintenance companies as they stand to benefit from this priority in Congress.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is also aware of this priority. Slowdown In Huawei Sales In Q1 Creates An Opportunity For Other 5G Telecommunications Companies, SmartPhone Marketers.

Mega-Merger Of T-Mobile US And Sprint With Dish Network Role Could Spur Installation of 5G Network To Rural Areas

The $26 billion mega-merger of T-Mobile US (NASDAQ: TMUS)-Sprint with role of the Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) could mean more 5G faster service to rural sections of the country. As a condition of securing federal approval for the transaction, Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) had promised a new 5G network built for large swaths of rural areas covering 70% of the American population by 2023.

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) Sees Primary Role In 5G Installation

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) has several U.S.-based subsidiaries, widespread telecommunications impact in Europe, Latin America and Mexico, a growing presence in SMS, expertise in 5G and an annual volume of $50+ million. iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) is growing quickly by acquisition, organically and by geographic operating regions. It is in prime 5G network position because it has U.S.-based subsidiaries, an expanding geographic range and a growing role in applying  blockchain sophistication and the $100 billion worldwide SMS market.

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST)  Acquires 51% Of U.S.-Mexico SMS Service Provider, Pushing Its Combined Revenues To Over $50 Million Annually

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) announced last week its acquisition of 51% controlling interest in an Austin, Texas-based U.S.-Mexico SMS service provider. The transaction adds $29 million to the current annual revenues of iQSTEL, pushing it to over $50 million. It drives the iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) SMS business, under the Global SMS brand, to generate 60% of the company’s annual sales in the $100 billion SMS market.

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) is aggressively growing its network of telecommunications subsidiaries to make itself a one-stop-shop and offer a wide range of cloud-based enhanced services. iQSTEL Inc.’s (OTC: IQST) acquisition of 51% controlling interest in the U.S.-Mexico SMS service provider drives the iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) SMS business, under the QGlobal SMS brand, to generate 60% of the company’s annual sales in the $100 billion SMS market.

Mr. Iglesias, CEO of iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST), said, “Our QGlobal SMS brand will surpass 700 million SMS transactions per year with this acquisition, expanding our operating regions to include: U.S.-Mexico, Latin America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia), and Africa.”

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) A 21st Century Telecom Enhanced Service Provider: Now $50+ Million Annually

He added, “This acquisition is in line with our transformation of iQSTEL into a 21st Century Telecom Enhanced Service Provider. Our strategy at iQSTEL is to build a very strong portfolio of high tech solutions: Domestic and International Long Distance (VoIP), SMS service provider (A2P & P2P), 4G and 5G international fiber-optic connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) Applications and Blockchain-based platform applications We are preparing iQSTEL for an expansive 2020 outlook and beyond.”

5G: Here Comes Quick-Growing iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST)


In addition to its 75% stake in blockchain subsidiary itsBchain LLC, iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) wholly owns Miami-based subsidiary, USA, LLC, an American-based 5G provider of Submarine Fiber Optic Network capacity for internet (4G and 5G). It owns 51% of SwissLink Carrier AG. SwissLink Carrier AG provides international VoIP connectivity worldwide and more. It also owns 51% of QGlobal SMS LLC, a U.S.-based company which has international interconnection with Tier 1 SMS aggregators to more than 100 countries worldwide. And last week it acquired 51% of a SMS U.S.-Mexico Service provider. That transaction raised iQSTEL’s annual volume by $29 million — now iQSTEL’s total annual sales surpass $50+ million a year.

Source: Stock Market Press

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