DISH Network To Close $5 Billion Deal To Acquire Sprint’s ‘Boost’ Mobile Carrier And Wireless Spectrum By July 1 As It Builds New 5G Network

Creation of a competitive DISH Network ( (NASDAQ: DISH)  5G network was key to a U.S. federal judge approving the $26.5 billion mega-merger between T-Mobile ((NASDAQ: TMUS) and Sprint. DISH [...]

GD Entertainment and Technology’s Anil Idnani, CEO, Says He Remains Focused On The High Growth CBD And Prepaid Gift Card Industries

In a Stock Market Podcast interview, GD Entertainment and Technology’s (OTC: GDET) Anil Idnani, CEO, says he remains focused on the ‘high growth’ CBD and prepaid gift card industries while [...]

Self-Use, Millennials And Gen Z Consumers Will Drive Prepaid Gift Cards To 9.2% CAGR Growth From 2020-2024; GD Entertainment and Technology Sets Relaunch Of Reimagined Prepaid ‘Dream Card’

A new study by ResearchAndMarkets projects that self-use, millennials and Gen Z consumers will be key factors in the 9.2% CAGR growth of the prepaid gift cards industry from 2020-2024. Younger [...]

GD Entertainment and Technology’s Anil Idnani, CEO, Will Review The Company’s 2020 Outlook During Stock Market Podcast Interview

GD Entertainment and Technology’s (OTC: GDET) Anil Idnani, CEO, will discuss the company’s 2020 outlook when he is interviewed by Stock Market Podcast. He will focus on GDET’s new customizable, [...]

5G And Cryptocurrency Mining Will Be Driven By Blockchain, IoT And Be Quicker As Telecom-munications In 5G Attract 50+ Billion Devices

5G and cryptocurrency mining together will be driven to new speeds by blockchain technology and IoT. It will make transactions quicker as 5G telecommunications is seen attracting 50+ billion [...]

iQSTEL Inc.’s Interconnection Partnership With China Mobile Could Have Far-Reaching Global Growth Consequences

iQSTEL Inc.’s (OTC: IQST) subsidiary QGlobal SMS’s interconnection partnership with China Mobile (NYSE: CHL) could have far-reaching global growth opportunities in Asia and beyond for the [...]

iQSTEL Inc. Expanding Global Footprint As Its Plays Larger Role In Future Of Telecommunica-tions, Eyes Growth In Asia

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) is executing its growth plan by building a diversified portfolio of subsidiaries, but it is also making its influence felt by expanding its global footprint to Latin [...]

iQSTEL Inc.’s Leandro Iglesias, CEO, Tells Stock Market Podcast He Sees Long Term Growth, New Revenue Streams From Blockchain Platform

iQSTEL Inc.’s (OTC: IQST) Leandro Iglesias, CEO, is bullish on the long term growth and new revenue streams from blockchain. He told interviewer Jane King on a recent Stock Market Podcast that [...]

For First Time, Oregon CBD Sales Top $100 Million For Month Of May, A 60% YOY Jump, As GD Entertainment and Technology Markets CBD Nationally Through Its E-Commerce Online Store

Reinforcing the strength of CBD sales, website 420 Intel reported that sales of CBD hit $103 million for the month of May — the state’s first $100 million-plus month — representing a 15% jump [...]