Global Suppliers Association (GSA) August 2020 Report Finds Surge In Announced 364 5G Devices, Up 86% Over Past Four Months; Important 5G Growth For iQSTEL, Inc.

The August 2020 Report by the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) finds exponential growth in 5G ready announced devices to 364 — more than double the number since the end of 2019 and up by [...]

Huawei Replaces Samsung As The No. 1 Seller of SmartPhones, At 55.8 Million Devices Sold In Q2 2020, Three-Fourths Of Huawei Units Sold Were In China

Underscoring the importance of China in the SmartPhone mobile phone market globally, China’s Huawei replaced Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (OTC: SSNLF). Samsung as the No. 1 seller worldwide of [...]

High Margin SMS Operations Generate 65% And Prepaid Revenue Drives 60% Of iQSTEL, Inc.’s. Q2 Revenues For 2020

iQSTEL, Inc.’s (OTC: IQST) sales for Q2 2020 not only spiked more than $11 million, a majority of the volume was rich with prepaid or SMS operations. Some 65% of the revenues were generated by [...]

After Reporting Red Hot Sales For The First Half Of 2020, iQSTEL, Inc. Is Primed For Q3 And Q4 2020 Revenue To Be “Very Exciting” Says Mr. Iglesias, CEO

For iQSTEL (OTC: IQST), the second half of 2020 may offer more good news. The fast-growing global telecommunications company reported projection-shattering revenues for Q2 2020 of greater than [...]