Move over Silver, Nickel is Technology’s Next Darling, Get In On The Rush Early


Nickel’s demand has shifted significantly during 2020. Rising from $5/lb in Mar to $7.5/lb in Dec, a 50% increase, shows the demand has grown faster than the supply. In a Tweet, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) asked the mining industry to ramp up production: “Please mine more nickel”.

Battery needs for the electric vehicle (EV) market have seen a significant increase in nickels demand as part of the latest battery technology. This surge in demand is causing delays in EV battery production, a good thing to have for companies like Here to Server Holding Corp.’s (OTC: HTSC) with 5,100 acres of mining claims in the highly nickel rich Timmins, Canada region.

StockMarketPress covers Here to Server Holding Corp.’s (OTC: HTSC) recent news on the hiring of a Geophysicist for Nickel Exploration, latest mineral rights addition boosting them to 5,100 contiguous acres and latest in EV battery needs. Other companies discussed include: Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), General Motors (NYSE: GM), and Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ: NKLA).

EU is targeting 30 million electric cars by 2030. That’s in less than 10 years! Extend these projections to the USA and other parts of the world and we could be looking at 100+ million EV cars by 2030. As you can see, the title ‘Move over Silver, Nickel is Technology’s Next Darling, Get In On The Rush Early’ is right on point.

Another huge automaker, General Motors (NYSE: GM), just announced that “forty percent of the company’s U.S. entries will be battery electric vehicles by the end of 2025” ( ). In addition to the huge increase in battery needs, the new GM Ultium battery is expected to have some of the highest nickel content in a large format pouch cell, further pushing demand higher on top of existing battery technologies.

Many people only think of EV cars, but trucks are making up a significant portion of the growing EV market. Nikola (NASDAQ: NKLA) is one such company, with a tie in to General Motors (NYSE: GM)’s battery technology, developing battery powered trucks.

Nickel allows for a significantly more dense battery, producing more energy and in turn increasing the vehicles range. Reducing the need for cobalt, oil and other non-green materials is welcomed by Wall Street as well as Main Street, combine that with increased range and you have a match for Wall Street to love.

The recent election in the US is seen as a signal that EV is about to get a shot in the arm, in turn giving nickel mining companies a significant boost in demand along with a continued increase in nickels’ price!

The global nickel mining industry is likely to see acquisitions/consolidations as big players look to take over key production facilities/mining claims. Could Here To Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC) be one such company? Their recent press release could definitely bring major investor dollars and more, copied below.

Here To Serve Hires Geophysicist for Nickel Exploration

RYE BROOK, NY, December 10, 2020 / Here To Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC) is pleased to announce its wholly owned subsidiary, Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. (“Fortune”) has engaged Sharp Geophysical Solutions to evaluate, interpret and deliver Geosoft Maps, ARCGIS Shape files, and KMZ files for viewing with Google Earth, accompanied by a digital report, so that Fortune has the best available data to drill on its 5,100 acres of mining claims in the mineral-rich Gowan Township.

The EM and magnetic data will be reviewed in light of the high-grade historical RC drill hole (FH-68) with intersection of 3.5% Ni and 1.25% Cu (till samples), regarding the apparent coincidence between conductors and faults and/or lithologic boundaries with respect to favorable areas of interest.

The scope of work includes transforming the older geophysical data into workable datasets and performing data processing, as required, to produce additional grid products with the end goal of retrieving the most information from the data.  There will be a review of the conductors in profile form so as to delineate and rate the anomalies for five factors.

  1. Shape. Does the anomaly represent a conductor which is flat, lying or dipping?
  2. Rate of decay. Does the anomaly represent a stronger or weaker conductor?
  3. Strike length. Is the feature defined by anomalies of short strike length (target size) or extensive (formational conductor)?
  4. Within formational conductors, are there changes in shape, dip direction, character, amplitude, rate of decay and conductivity?
  5. Are there any previously unidentified anomalies?

The geophysicist will also report on the coincidence of magnetic anomalies/structures and lithologic boundaries with respect to the EM anomalies, and look for structural control from the magnetic data which has an impact with respect to the EM data.

Fortune’s strategic advisor, Charles Gryba, said “Brenda Sharp will analyze the Geoterrex magnetic and GEOTEM I 150 Hz 1987 X component channels and the Aerodat magnetic and 4 frequency EM and VLF 1991 data and give us the best possible advice on how to proceed with our drilling projects.  We are confident that she can provide us with a fast path to find the next nickel and base-metal mines in Timmins.”

About Here To Serve Holding Corp.

Here To Serve Holding Corp. is a holding company that hunts for undervalued assets in the mining, real estate, and securities industries. Run by an experienced team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, Here To Serve Holdings Corp. formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. Fortune is dedicated to the global acquisition, exploration and development of mining properties in prolific jurisdictions. Fortune recently acquired a mining project known as the Gowan project located in the Timmins mining camp in Ontario, Canada. The Gowan project is a nickel property in which company management and skilled technicians are moving quickly through the mining sequence. Through technology, science and the experts at Prairie Fire Enterprises, Fortune expects the Gowan project to be a massive nickel find based on prior assays and its location, which is only minutes away from both Canada Nickel’s property and the Kidd Creek mine.

Source: Stock Market Press

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