More States Issue Stay-At-Home Orders Due To Coronavirus, But Some Rule CBD Dispensa-ries Essential And Let Them Stay Open

Four more states issued coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders Wednesday, including Florida, Nevada, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. CBD licensed dispensaries have been ruled essential businesses [...]

CBD Sales Spike Prior To Shelter-In-Place Orders, But Its Staying Power Now Is Not As A Coronavirus Cure But As A Reducer Of Anxiety And Stress

More states, such as Florida, issued coronavirus related stay-at-home orders yesterday (April 1, 2020). CBD is not a cure for COVID-19, but it offers relief from anxiety and stress by people who [...]

CBD National Online Sales Jump 230% Before Coronavirus Quarantine; CBD Companies May Be Ineligible For Federal Relief Loans

The good news is that nationwide online sales of CBD jumped 230% prior to the coronavirus quarantines and in California orders hit a record peak last Thursday (March 19, 2020) after Gov. Gavin [...]