Endexx Corporation (OTC: EDXC) Acquires Controlling Interest In Hyla US Holdco Limited, Producer Of Organic, Plant-Based Zero Nicotine Vape Products; EDXC CEO Says Hyla May Create A Brand New Vape Market In US

In an already $7.4 billion Vape Market growing at a quick CAGR of 27.3% through 2030 in the U.S., Endexx Corporation (OTC: EDXC) has acquired a controlling interest in Hyla US Holdco Limited. [...]

Post Covid Retail Market Strengthens with Men’s Care Growth: Endexx catches Amazon’s Eye; Cronos, Walgreens and CVS Sales Strengthen

The massive COVID restrictions placed across the globe have eased, or lifted entirely, sparking a major resurgence in the retail marketplace. While there are talks of recessions in various parts [...]