5G Acquisition Activity Intensifies, iQSTEL, Inc. Signs $25 Million Investment Banking Agree-ment To Acquire More

As acquisition activity in the 5G telecommunications market intensifies, iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST) has announced today (March 5, 2020) it has signed a $25 million agreement with a New York-based [...]

Fiber Optics M&A Activity Intensifies As FirstLight To Acquire By Definitive Agreement PrimeLink

Fiber optics providers jockeying for market dominance continues as merger & acquisition activity intensifies, with the most recent example being the acquisition by definitive agreement by [...]

5G Conference To Be Held In White House In April To Accelerate Wireless Technology

A special conference on 5G will be held at the White House in April with invitations to the rivals of Chinese firm Huawei Technology according to Larry Kudlow, National Economic Council Director. [...]